Isabel Mayagoitia was born in Mexico City, on August 12th, 1963, daughter of Alberto Mayagoitia, an attorney-at-law, and Anne Hill Mayagoitia, originally from the United States, the middle child among five siblings, including Gabriela Hill, a sports broadcaster, and Alberto Mayagoitia, an actor and entrepreneur.

Isabel also played the guitar, and often accompanied it singing in her sweet mezzosoprano voice.  She was good at sports, especially gymnastics and baseball. She did very well in academics, graduating from secondary school with the highest marks possible in all of her subjects. She spoke five languages fluently: Spanish, English, German, French, and Italian.

 She did not recognize impossibility. She was fearless in pursuing her goals, and invariably achieved what she set out to do. Her interest and training in philosophy inclined her to ask both herself and those around her the most difficult questions, and follow the path of logic and reason, leavened with compassion and grace, to whatever answer was reached. Her final challenge came when, during her second pregnancy, doctors discovered she was riddled with cancer. Against the odds, she prevailed long enough to give birth to a healthy daughter who inherited her mother’s indomitable spirit.

 She died of cancer in Munich, Germany, on 11 February 2003. A husband (born in 1965), a son (born in 1999) and a daughter (born in 2002) survive her. 


Isabel Mayagoitia conducting the Mexican National Symphony Orchestra

Isabel Mayagoitia

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